Westworld released one of the best albums in this year and that's a fact! I consider them as one of the best bands that appeared in the last 5 years and they keep on proving this. So we thought that an interview with the vocalist of the band Tony Harnell would be just right for the readers of Metal Abyss. See below what the great Tony told us...

First of all congratulations on “Cyberdreams”. I believe that this is the best album that you have released since now. Do you consider Westworld as a full-time band or as a project one?  Do you think you will go on producing Melodic Metal albums with Westworld for many years?

T: It’s a band! It’s a real band! It is not a project by any means. We will continue making music despite the obstacles. I believe our time will come!!

How would you characterize the music style that you play? I think that your “high” melodic vocals are very suitable for Mark’s heavy riffs! What is that thing that makes your music so special?

T: I would call Westworld classic hard rock with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current influences. Hard rock for all eras. I think that it’s the melody, riffs and lyrics that make WW special. It’s real and it’s honest. We don’t try to be something we’re not.

Internet has entered in our life and that’s a fact. None can work or even communicate without the use of the Internet. So I want to ask you why do you call the album “Cyberdreams”? Is there any connection with the artwork of the album?

T: Yes, it definitely reflects the state of the world today but also is a hopeful slant that even though we are entering an ultra technological future, we can still maintain our humanity and love for one another.

I like very much the lyrics of the album. So if you can please refer to the three songs that I like most of the album. “Cyberdreamer”, “Look To See” and “What If”. And if you like refer specially to your favorite song of the album.

T: Thank you Thanos! all three songs reflect personal emotions about love and searching for truth in life and trying to find our way through all the pain and sadness in the world. They are songs about hope, love, truth and ultimately peace, freedom and enlightenment. I like the songs you picked as well, especially What If?!

The name “Westworld” probably refers to the culture and the way of life that the West world has, and in a way is far way from the culture and the way of life that the East world has. Who baptized the band Westworld? And why?

T: I came up with the title based on a 70’s Sci Fi film starring Yule Brenner. We were looking for a name that was American sounding and larger than life. Like a great novel or film. I think it works well.

Do you believe that your music has a nostalgic (even an 80’s) feeling with many modern elements and a modern production of course?

T: I think it has some 80’s influence of course but more 70’s and 90’s even with some modern production values.

What are your influences as a musician? As far as I know you are giving vocal instruction to new singers.

T: So many. Paul McCartney, Rob Halford, Freddy Mercury, Steve Perry, Ann Wilson, Elton John, Beach Boys, Beatles, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Glen Campbell and on and on and on....

And now some “Weird Questions”!!! I think a big problem of the today's music industry are all the CD copies people do with their computers or the music they can download from the Internet. How do you think about this problem??

T: Well it’s like any other problem in society. How you sleep at night I guess. People have different ethics levels. I don’t think it’s right but that doesn’t change anything. I know a lot of people who wont do it out of principle. I respect that a lot.

Imagine that your wife is selling your whole album-collection just to buy for her an expensive, good ring. How would you react?

T: Badly!! I wouldn’t marry someone who would do that in the first place. Materialism turns me off!!

I will give you 5 colours, and you will tell me what album do you believe that describes best each colour. 

T: a) Black, Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath 

b) White, Queen - Night At The Opera 

c) Blue, Jeff Buckley - Grace 

d) Red, Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill 

e) Grey, Anything by Coldplay

Well those were my questions. Add anything you want for the end. I hope the best for you and Westworld and also TNT. Take care my friend?

T: Thanks very much Thanos for the interview! I look forward to coming to Greece. By the way TNT is booking shows in Europe for next year. Do you have any contacts for promoters there who could help us come and play in Greece?? I hope to see you there.
Talk to you soon,

by Thanos Aggelakis