Winds for those who not know them are an excellent and talented band from Norway and the “Reflections of the I” is their second (they released a mini cd in May 2000-and this is, officially  their debut full lenght album) release. They officially formed back in 1998 from members that they used to play, or they still play, in other famous bands such as Arcturus, Mayhem, and more. Their executive abilities are out of question (Hellhammer on the drums is a guarantor for real strange-progressive-heavy music!!!) and the music that they play is a combination of many metal styles. They remind me the other great Norwegian band Arcturus (only as a feeling -not in the music part) but Winds push their music to the edge! They don’t hesitate to utilize stringed instruments in their songs for more depressive atmosphere, inviting members from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, to put classical piano, and to mix al those with paranoid progressive guitar riffs and clean majestic vocal melodies! The result from all those is that they manage to create some really dark -emotional hymns like “Realization”, “Existence”, “Continuance”(with the fantastic epic bridge) and the extraordinary, dark-sentimental and progressive super-song of the album “Passion's Quest” (where the use of cello and violin creating dark emotions!). This album will impress anyone who will listen to it for the first time, and as long as you keep listening to it, you will find out many more musical-surprises that this release hides! Maybe it will sound strange to all of you if I say that this album is a masterpiece but it is the truth and…I can’t tell more than the truth!!! A must for the metal funs. Don’t miss the chance to travel into strange and dark places by listening to this album!

T.A. 9/10