First of all let me make it clear: I disagree with the widespread perception that old bands cannot produce good music anymore. Ok, I am not expecting from UFO (or other similar bands) in 2002 to provide me with a CD, which will alter my life by introducing novelties to our music. What I expect from them is to use their experience and produce good music, at least equivalent to their previous works. And believe me my friends, UFO do exactly that! What has been "Walk on Water" for the 90's can be "Sharks" for the 00's. Mogg/Schenker/Dunbar/Way are back with a really excellent album. I am not exaggerating by saying that the songs of the album remind me a lot of albums like "Force it" or "No Heavy Petting". And how can this be bad?? The guys are in great shape, and believe me that Schenker delivers amazing solos and riffs once more (I write this because I know that many of you are stuck with the German guitarist). I'd only like to highlight the song "Outlaw Man" which if it was written in the 70's it would have been an all-time classic, and "Serenity" with the sticky refrain, which is maybe the best song of the album and one of my favourite ones for this year. I just wish more "old" groups could release CD's like this one!

A.S. 8/10