Live at Brixton Academy (London) 12/06/02

If you're looking for the set list to start with, then you will be searching for a long time...Tool's music was hard to define since the beginning...anyway, the day began fine as I left the shithole I live and study at, and got a train to get me down to London. After 3 hours of booze and good talk, me and Bill, the other Tool maniac of the area, we were there. After a good few hours of more booze...the time for the concert came and when we faced Brixton academy we could not believe how many people were there. The queue was at least four blocks long...but they were going in fast. Tool came out right on time with "ticks and leaches" which choked as all...generally the sound was great, with the drums being, rightfully, slightly more powered. Maynard's voice was flawless and faultless, Adam and the bassist (how many more things I can't remember any more I wander...) seemed to be concerned only with their instrument, leaving the show to Maynard. Danny was proved, once again, that he's great playing live, having even time to "fix his hair" in the middle of his break. And in the middle of all those English fags there was I with my friend like a couple of flies in your soup, helped in transmitting the pulse throughout the room. The visual projections were carefully mixed to the music and completed it in the most beautiful and chaotic way. Tool covered in this live most of their last 2 albums (Aenima - Lateralus) and showed in the end that they are real, that their fans love to listen to them (a lot), and generally that they're one of the hottest and bands around...Tool rule!

by Dzean Foxx