Well I must confess that "Tomorrowland" was one of the best debut albums for this year. Token is a brand new band that comes from Sweden and believe me: Those guys can write impressive songs that will surprise everyone. Let's see what the band told us...

I like very much your new album! Tell us all the latest news from the band.

Niclas: Thank you! And thanks to all the great feedback we have got. Right now we’re waiting for the director to complete his post-production work on our video for the song “Human”. We’re very exited about how thing will turn out since this is our first video. The best way to get latest news about Token is to check out our web site

Can you tell us any remarkable or funny fact that happened during the recordings of the album?

Mikael: Hmmm, one funny thing is that song number two on the album, “Human” went through a total change from the demo version. That version sounded very much different and had with other lyrics. You wouldn’t recognize it! Besides that.. hmm, I guess all the farting..

What do the lyrics talk about and who writes them? Is “Tomorrowland” a concept album? And did you call the album “Tomorrowland”?

H.B.: Tomorrowland is not a concept album, and I think it’s a beautiful word, which is similar to the future. The lyrics are about life in general. Love, Hate, Happiness, Disappointments and so on. For example “How Does It Feel?” is about my old girlfriend who I loved very much but she didn’t want it and it took very long time for me to overcome that. Finally I did and after a few years I met her and I was enjoying life, she didn’t. She missed that love! “Speechless” is about the birth of my son, the most exciting and nerve-wrecking moment of my life. “(Shine on) Dark Side Of Fate” is about being at the wrong place at the wrong time, people are talking very much about “having fate with you”, it’s not that often people talking about “having fate against you” in that case it’s an accident. “Tomorrowland (Rainbows End)” is about that the future is not so bright that we want it to be. The people in the governments and other authorities are toying with our lives like marionettes.

So what can we expect from Token in the near future?

Mikael: Now we’re having a short summer break to get new energy to prepare for writing and the recording of our second album. We have gotten superb feedback and critics this far, but still we feel that a first album is like a visiting card. Therefore we look forward to deliver a second album when people already know about us. That can hopefully bring a broader audience and some more live performances to us.

Which bands inspired you all those years and which continue to do so?

Johan: Different bands inspired us through the years. But during the adolescence we all went hot for bands like Bon Jovi, Kiss, Yngwie, Europe and many more. Now when we’re older – the taste has whitened a bit. Most of us listen to a wide range of music in different genres. But our hearts will forever beat for the rhythm of melodic hard rock. 

Who are your favorite bassists and from whom you have been influenced most?

Niclas: I guess that that have changed a bit but some of my favorites are Geddy Lee in Rush, Geezer Butler in Black Sabbath and Jaco Pastorius. Geddy for his sound, his technique and his ability to always create interesting bass lines. Geezer Butler for being so groovy and having cool licks. Jaco for his total superior way of playing the bass.

Are there any plans for a tour? With whom would you like to be on stage someday?

H.B.: No plans are set for a tour yet, but in meantime there’s going to be some gigs and festival dates. I would love to support METALLICA on their next tour ;-) and why not OZZFEST or VAN HALEN’s reunion tour with David Lee Roth (I’m allowed to dream right? ;-)

How would you describe the sound of Token to those that haven't heard you before? What is that makes your music so special?

Johan: The sound is a collection from the eighties mixed with a modern approach. It’s soft and heavy at the same time. What makes the music special is that we all have experience from different genres. What makes the album special is that every song is separated from the others. That means every song is unique. Still the overall sound and typical vocal harmonies is the collecting factor. We would also say that Pontus Norgren who mixed the album, added a lot for the sound of Tomorrowland.

How did you get your name as a band?

Mikael: Token sounded perfect for us. I was surprised that the name weren’t taken by another band. It stands for “symbol” or “amulet” for example good luck. Also as a “sign” for our music, a Token so to say. In Sweden it also bring some laughter since Token in Swedish is a word for a “Crazy guy”!

What do you wish for the future for you and your band? Maybe you want to be a rock star?!

Niclas: Sounds nice! Well, right now we’re quite happy, but our goal is to make another record and gain more publicity. A tour would be great and hopefully our video will get some airtime.

And now we go on with the “Weird Questions”!!! If your wife/girlfriend were selling your half album-collection just to buy for her a good and expensive ring how would you react?

H.B.: I would sell all her clothes including the expensive ring to buy back the half album-collection and even increase the collection with new albums.

Which is the craziest album title you ever heard of and album artwork that you ever saw?

H.B.: “Pang På Pungen I Portugal”, it’s Swedish and translates “A Smack On The Balls In Portugal”. It’s an album some friends to me did and the bands name is “Kristet Utseende”, translates “A Christian Appearance”. The craziest artwork must be some of the Death Metal albums that exists with very much blood, corpse, carcass and stuff… Or I heard a story about a band called “We are the World Trade Center” which did exist before the 11/9 - 2001 and on their album the track 11 was called September…you know 11.September. That’s crazy! I think the album and the band are banned all over the world now. (Interviewers note: Unbelievable!!!)

If you wanted to make someone to totally freak out and stop dealing with rock and metal music no more, which 3 albums would you choose to give him and why?

Mikael: Hmmm, that’s a difficult question. If I here and now had to chose, it would be “Operation Mindcrime” by Queensryche, “Divine Wings Of Tragedy” by Symphony X, and “Images and Words” by Dream Theater.

You're sitting in a time machine, to which time zone would you travel? And for what reason?

H.B.: 800-1050 to the age of the Vikings. For what reason? Imagine…
Johan: I would for sure travel back to the eighteen’s century. As he adores classical music and the way people dressed at that time (especially the women…). 

Ok guys, I wish you the best for that album. The last words of this interview belong to you.  

Niclas: It’s been a pleasure to make the interview. We want to take this chance to say hello to all new friends and hard rocking people out there. Let’s join us in Tomorrowland!

by Thanos (Mc) Aggelakis