PAIN OF SALVATION             “REMEDY LANE”

Every new release of Pain of Salvation is a surprise for the metal community!! This band has a definitely unique sound, which is something difficult nowadays. Little by little is becoming one of the best progressive metal bands. “Remedy Lane” is a concept album just like their three previous releases. The concept of the new album is based on the emotional crisis that human beings are going through, and it talks about the relationships between people and general about the human emotions. The lyrics can really reach into the heart and soul of every lonely or confused person in the world. The album features unique songs, with the most intractable rhythmic patterns-just like a jazz band, the most beautiful melodies that is mixed up with the most progressive stuff. Songs like “Second Love” and “This Heart Of Mine” are some of the most emotional of this album, but there are also progressive metal hymns like “Rope Ends” and “Beyond The Pale”. There is no doubt that “Remedy Lane” is a very interesting and excellent album that will surprise you in many ways. PoS are the ultimate prog band of 2002 and not only!


 by Thanos 9/10    K.P.9/10    A.S.9,5/10