SurpRise of OCTOBER



The brand new album of Paradise Lost seem to be a…Symbol Of their -long last- Life and a sign that they are (still) in position to compose and perform pure authentic gothic metal music! Surprising damn good (after the tepid "Host" and the unresponsive "Believe In Nothing"), the new album has persuaded me that Paradise Lost are determinate to...Erase some of their previous musical choices. Gothic feeling and high quality are the main components of the new album and this is something that you can already see from the very first song "Isolate"…Melancholic melodies, warm and desperately vocals, gothic guitar riffs are mixed so naturally with dark and depressing lyrics (by the one and only…Nick Holmes!!!!..) in tracks like "Erased", "Primal", "Perfect Mask", "Mystify"…The production (by Rhys Fylber) is clear and strong and will satisfy your perspectives. It was hard for me to choose the best song of this album but I do believe that "Isolate" and "Erased" are the highlights in it. Of course it depends of the taste… As far as it concerns me, I happily concluded that Paradise Lost are back in the way I wish they would be!
Symbol of Life has been released in two different formats, the standard edition contains 11 tracks, but there's also a digi-pack (limited) version in a box that opens up into a cross shape, which contain 2 additional tracks: "Small Town Boy" and "Xavier". If you are already a fan of Paradise Lost, I'm sure that this album will surprisely please you as it will bring back to your memory the "good old days" of "One Second"….but if you are not a fan of this band, here you have a chance to become one! And believe me, you won't loose your money and most of all your (so precious in our days) time!!!!!!!!

by Kyriaki Petraki 9/10