There are some rare times in life that every one of us comes along with something really special. From my point of view, music has the first and the last word in people’s mood and it can affect us in many ways. But what exactly happens when you feel and you’re sure that you stand in front of a phenomenon band? What kind of feelings can cross your mind and your heart? What words can describe the unique music that Opeth are composing and also the distinctive atmosphere of the album? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Opeth is the new huge name in the metal scene and also a band that can make us thrill with their enormous music. Every new album that Opeth releases is a big surprise for me and for the whole metal music community. 
    So, “Deliverance” is the new surprise that Opeth offers us but till their next album of course! I’m not going to say which is the best song of the album or what kind of music does the band play. The whole result is absolutely Opeth! Mike Akerfeldt and Steve Wilson (the producer of the band) created a new masterpiece and I will suggest you not to loose it! Personally I didn’t find any failing in this album. And I don’t think that anyone can find one! We’re talking about a band that they are getting bigger and bigger with every new album that they release! The good thing with Opeth is that they have a long way in front of them and I’m sure that they will take the leading part in the metal scene. Some of you may say that I’m exaggerating… I don’t think so, but only time can tell. Till then be prepared for the tornado, which is called Opeth!

by Thanos Aggelakis 9/10