The SURPRISE of March


Rhapsody are the indisputable leaders of the symphonic epic power metal scene and that's a fact! There is no doubt that when you're listening to their albums, and that's happening and with their new release, the songs, the lyrics and the enterprising warlike atmosphere of the songs transfers you to an epic era!! Who can resist to metal hymns like "Power Of The Dragonflame", "Agony In My Name", the unbelievable majestic epic intro "In Tenebris"?! And the list continues with the metal folk diamond "The march of the Swordmaster", and the unique sentimental "Lamento Eroico", and…well now I have to report all the songs of the album! What else can someone say, except that this album is equal to their debut album and personally I like it most! Symphonic orchestral metal music at its very best in a way which shows that Rhapsody had a lot more to give (and give) in this music and all those who use to blame the group for stagnancy and repetition better run and hide cause the rage of Rhapsody will haunt them down! A unique album from a glorious band that keeps the metal flame alive and high! There are no music boundaries for Rhapsody; everything in this album is blameless…Remember metal brothers everything is possible when you let the mystic power of the dragonflame burn in your heart…. believe it…it's the Dragonflame!!!!

by Thanos Aggelakis 8,5/10