The great and pioneer band from Finland is here to drive us crazy again! The three cellists of Apocalyptica (Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lotjonen, Perttu Kivilaakso) took again their cellos and made them sound like electric guitars. They also invited one of the best drummers ever to help them, Dave Lombardo, who appears at four tracks: "Prologue", "No Education", "Somewhere Around Nothing" and "Resurrection". The above four tracks are very powerful and melodic and all metal maniacs will separate them from the rest songs of this album because of their aggression and the presence of the drums which make them sound perfect! The rest of the tracks are not so powerful, although there are many aggressive moments in some of them. In a few words, these songs are lighter and much more darker than the above four heavy tracks, and anyone who doesn't like classical music, soundtracks and opera may not find them interesting but he is not going to hate them, and that's for sure. I must also mention that the artwork is great and romantic just as the most tracks of the disc. In general, this is a great album and the title that the band may have as a cover band, now certainly belongs to the past because all these great compositions belongs to them. Advised to open-minded listeners…

by George Kouvelis 8,5/10