Ok, I know what you might say: "Where is the surprise in a good Beggars album?"...and you are probably right. So, The surprise is this: that despite Spice's departure, the band managed to release an album equal (according to my opinion better than) to "Ad Astra". There are really few times that a title characterises the content of an album as good as this one does for the new release of the new "dirty-doom-heavy rock" kings!!!! "Stoner"??? What does this mean?? Beggars play in the paths of Black Sabbath, UFO, Motorhead etc, so they are ROCK man!!!! After singer Spice left the band its future came under question (because of his original voice). But Mike Amott proved that the last word was his: he hired Grand Magus' JB, which proved to be the magic move. Dirty enough and with more spread in his voice he delivers the heaviest rock anthems heard in a long time!! Mike must be boundless in creating riffs from hell! Ouf what can I say now about this masterpiece that spits in the face of time, as it has already become a classic? More melodic at times in comparison to their past, but always angry and dark, Beggars provide a solid proposal of heavy music that is beyond criticism. It is amazing how a band has digested all its influences and be able to compose songs, which could be in the rock hall of fame of the 70's, without being imitators! I think that the music comes from the heart, when we are talking about this band, and probably this is the secret of their success. The bad thing is that their "followers" (you know, those who try to take advantage from one successful group by copying it) must be struck down after the release of this album. Don't ask me for highlights, as the whole album is a highlight in itself! If you insist...if Black Sabbath had written these days a song like "Young Man Old Soul" it would be the news of the year. "Look Back" has one of the most substantial solos. "Killing Time" could be the single that so many groups are looking for in order to make a breakthrough. It's unfair to mention only a few songs as all of them are pure heavy anthems...but once I did I have to highlight my favourite one, the dark, sentimental, eternal hymn "Black Feathers", which let me speechless!! For those who know Beggars, I can only say that according to my opinion this is their most complete work - and probably the best one. For those who are still in the dark, I fell so sorry...

by Alex Savatianos  9,5/10