Finally Lake Of Tears after almost 3 years are back with a new album. Well, what else can we expect from Lake Of Tears than emotional rock, heavy and psychedelic music? You have guessed very well my friends. Lake Of Tears with their new album, are offering us many great songs like "Return of Ravens", "The Shadowshires", "Can Die No More" and "Nathalie And The Fireflies". It is true that Lake Of Tears knows how to play and to write very emotional songs that will touch any of you. In this album also they have add some more "space" elements but this isn't something bad at all. This album is closer to the excellent "Crimson Cosmos" and that is obvious from the variety of the songs. I don't really think that Lake Of Tears will ever release a bad or a just good album cause these guys are really playing with our emotions! Also the production of the album is a bit harder that their previous one and in general is very good. If you are a fan of Lake Of Tears then go right away and buy "The Neonai", cause a good fan must have all the albums of this grand band. If you don’t like Lake Of Tears and none of their previous albums have touched you, believe me and be sure that this one won't like you either. So the best thing that is left for you to do is sell your whole album collection and just go to the nearest music-store and buy all the albums of Madonna! Maybe you will like her most! Cause I do not understand how a rock/metal fan can't like a huge band like Lake Of Tears! So be it. Let them live in their fucking "world" and let Lake Of Tears release (one more) great album like "The Neonai"!

by Thanos Aggelakis 8/10