Surpise of april


Well as we can see and from the title of this release, when you listen to this album you will surely feel despair! Their music style will remind you Paradise Lost and Tiamat (of their latest works). A melancholic album that is going to transfer you back to autumn and to rainy days…In this release we can find all those things that a fan wants. Astonishing gothic-metal songs such as "Stream Of Life", " Into The Pit" and "Nothing Left To Say" with some electronic-drumbeat elements (don't be afraid those elements are few-very few!), of course dark melancholic hymns like "Learn To Let Go" and "Falling Apart", a very good and dynamic production and an enormous artwork. To tell the truth, I wasn't expecting to listen to something so incredible and unique from any band, but I was mistaken. Entwine proved that i was wrong! Everything in this release is so well done and impressive. I think that is time to find out the sadness and the mystery that every song of Entwine hides! Personally I consider this album as one of the best that I have listened since the last months and of course for 2002. May it will be fair to grade this album with 9! but I didn't put the other half point on the album (not that they don't deserved it) but I'm sure that their next album will be greater than this one, so then I will have to put 9 or even higher! I must also warn you that if this specific period of your life you're down I won't recommend this album to you cause it won't make you smile but therefore it will make you worse! So for the end I will recommend to everybody to listen to this album and think: An album worth listening is an album worth buying!

by Thanos Aggelakis  8,5/10          K.P. 9/10