Well, well, well… Grand Illusion's "View from The Top" has left me out of breath! But I believe that the expression "out of breath" is not really enough to describe my feelings after I have listened to the album. Those guys from Sweden know how to play hard rock/Aor music, and how to compose rockin' fantastic songs! Just listen to the terrific "I Refuse", the great "Gotta Give It Up", the sentimental ballad "Between Dark And Dawn" and the "The Prophecy Of The Returning Son", which has those incredible bagpipes at the end of the song. The band seems to be influenced from groups such as Styx, Toto, Queen and Kansas. The secret key to their success is probably that they mixed up all those influences and with their great ability of composing songs; they managed to release a masterpiece like "View From The Top". Don't be surprised if you see Grand Illusion becoming one of the leader bands in their genre, cause they have the capacities to take a leading part in the music. Something else that makes this band so special is the two (!) singers that they have.The first is Peter Sundell that can sing very high and the other is Per Svensson that has a powerful and harsh voice. It's a fact that together they sound gorgeous! I will recommend to all fans of hard rock and Aor music to get this album as soon as possible!

by Thanos Aggelakis 9/10