Valley's Eve have released an incredible album (Deception Of Pain), and once again, confirmed the good and the hard work that they are doing all those years. I think, it's about time to be more known in the metal scene. R.D.Liapakis, who is the singer and the mastermind of the band, contact us and told us many interesting things. Read the interview below...

Good morning my friend. I’m Dimitris from Valley’s Eve.

Hi my friend, how are you?

L: Fine Thanos. The weather here is very bad; it’s raining all the time. How’s the weather there?

It’s very good and sunny. I think the summer is about to begin. Well we finally managed to do this interview.

L: Yeah, we finally make it! Well your webzine is very good…

Have you checked it out?

L: Yes, but when did you start that webzine?

In the beginning of this year, and in the last month we finally moved to our new URL.

L: Yes, and I think that maybe some of you are playing music or having a band?

Well, I used to have once but you know the situation here in Greece with the bands is very complicated…

L: I know it’s one thing that I have said many times before and to other magazines, I mean about Greek bands. They are always complaining, why no one is pain attention to them and they don’t manage to make a good deal with a good record company, just like Rotting Christ, and I always tell that this is something very difficult to achieve and the members of the band must be very close to each other and not separated. Then they will be succeeding.

Yes I understand…

L: As you know I’ve grown up in Greece and, I’m dealing with metal music and the Greek metal scene since I was a little boy about 6 or 7 years old, things are still the same or it’s better to say that they have made steps back, in comparison with other countries. If you listen to demos from German bands you will be surprised with the production. Everything is so fine. Record companies here can take the band more easily and promote it. This is something that record companies are nowadays looking for, they say if we sign a newcomer band not known to the people, we must spend about 60.000€ to make the whole album the productions etc. So if the band sells about 2000-3000 copies of their album the company then looses so much money. But if the band has already the production of their album, it costs less to the record company and they can offer more money to promote or to advertise the band to the people and maybe they sell more copies of the album.

But does the band take back the money that had spent for the production of the album, from the record company?

L: Yes, of course. Take as example my band. When we recorded our first album we made and pay for the album’s production. Afterwards when we signed the contract the Label’s people gave us back the money that we’ve spent.

To be honest I think that here in Greece they “like” this situation, and I don’t think that we have the appropriate persons to help us made a good production and…

L: That’s right, but in the other hand they do nothing Thanos to change this situation!

I know, they have found the easy solution to yell about those things and then do nothing…

L: Yeah, that’s exactly what I told to your contemporary in the Greek magazine, that the Greeks are still hanging over their mothers and this is very bad. I’m 100% Greek and I love very much my country, but I always wanted to take a Greek band and help the guys to be more known in the whole Europe. I managed to help once the band “Brainfade”, and to put them on the promo cd that a German magazine releases and fortunately nothing happened. They had all the time to get prepared and to make a good impression to Germans but they weren’t good organized and that’s something that the German people paying a lot intention. There so many bands that when they sign on a label they say, we do nothing from now on the label will do it all for us…

Yes, they think that others will do everything for them…

L: …And that’s a great mistake. Yes you’re right. Just let me tell you that the tour that we are going to make in this October, with “Powergod” and “Chinchilla” it was organized by us. Maybe will come to Greece but nothing is sure! The Label thinks that if you’re a professional musician then you must do and many things by your own. And in Greece many people said a lot of bad things and they trying to lessen my band and other bands that Greek musicians are playing in, and this is something that I really hate.  They must be proud that we managed to achieve so many things by our own and they make our country more known in Europe. Instead of this… they are against us.

Fortunately my friend those shit are always happen here.

L: Yes, and this is very sad. Many people trying to hit us from all the ways but they won’t achieve that…

Those people are from Greece?

L: Yes…

I really can’t understand why? Personally I was surprised from your new album. I think it’s great.

L: We are a band that we are developing from time to time, and just think that in our first album we were playing progressive metal, with many power metal elements especially in the guitar riffing and…

I don’t think that you have lost that progressive felling at all…

L: That’s right. We are a band that changes with every new album, but we never loose the atmosphere that we had as a band! I believe that if a band plays in every album the same things becomes stationary and…

…They become boring.

L: I think that every band nowadays had to make progress with every new release. Without making progress you can’t achieve anything! (Interviewers note: in this point the discussion changes subject and we talk about many things that I can’t really publish them).

It’s good for a band to make progress but nowadays many people call progress to steal what other bands had made.

L: Yes. You’re right. Some bands call progress to play with every album more mainstream and not anymore heavy music but we become with every new album heavier! Right now we’re planning to get in the studio with Valley’s Eve in October..

So soon…

L: Yeah, at this moment we’re recording the new “Mystic Prophecy’s album and I’m telling you that’s it’s gonna be really heavy and brutal, my friend!

Comparing to your previous album, there will be a lot of differences in the new one?

L: It will be in the same style with the previous one, but this time it will be a more speed-heavy album! When you will listen to it you’ll understand that the band have made a big progress from the first album.

So, do you prefer most the new album? I think that this is very logical.

L: The new album will be much better than the first one.

Then I think that is going to be incredible! Cause I like very much your previous work.

L: Yes I agree that the first album was very good but -you may not believe me-, when you listen to the new one, it you will be surprised by the heavy riffing! All the guitar riffs are incredible!

The guitar player is Gus G. (Dream Evil, Firewind and Nightrage)

L: Yeah, this time we work together with Gus, I went to Thessalonica for about 5 days and then he came in German for 5 days and we finished all the songs. The album will have 11 songs, it will last about 52 minutes and the music will be speed-power.

And when it is going to be released?

L: In October or November.

Well I’m looking forward to listen to this album

L: Many good Labels want to release this album for example Century Media, Nuclear Blast and Massacre. But right now we’re discussing about the contract.

I know that is really hard to make a contract with those Labels cause they’re always trying to take advantage of you.

L: Well, I must agree with you that’s the whole story with the big (and not only) Labels.

How’s the metal market in Germany?

L: It’s really bad. Many bands that don’t deserve it have a contract and from the 10 albums, which are being released, every week the 9 of them are just bad copies of Hammerfall, Iced Earth and Stratovarius! Just think that in 1986 the metal music was covering the 65% of the market in Germany and nowadays it covers only the 5% of the whole market! The people are afraid to buy a new comer-band cause from the 10 releases the 9 are shit! Also the prices of the cds are very expensive.

I don’t know the price that the cds are sold in Germany but here in Greece a simple cd costs almost 20€!

L: 20€?!! In Germany it costs about 15-16€. And think that the salaries of the Germans are almost the double than the salaries of the Greeks! And the other thing is that in 1986 a heavy metal band such as “Dio” was selling about 5.000.000 albums and nowadays the whole elite of heavy metal music can’t reach that numbers! Also in 80’s, a newcomer band like Forbidden and Exodus were selling about 400.000 copies and nowadays a band like Hammerfall that sells about 150.000 copies of their album is considered as one of the top bands in heavy metal. Just think how the things have changed! If this situation continues for 5 more years maybe the metal music will die just like the punk music in 20-25 years.

But I think that metal music will never die, cause the fans of this music are going to keep it alive.

L: Yes, that’s right but it’s really hard to advertise metal music if you consider that only a few bands are releasing a video-clip. The market is so limited. And the radio does not support metal bands cause they don’t sell many albums. My opinion is that if metal music wants to be part of the whole business the record companies must do something. Cause till now all the Labels support only the “big” bands and for the good newcomers bands they don’t give a shit, and they only take advantage of them. But then one day “big” bands stop to exist and that’s the way a music style can die. If they don’t support the underground scene so they can sign contracts every year 10-15 bands from the underground, which they can keep the metal flame alive, then unfortunately we’re coming too close to an end!

But the Labels are only to blame…?

L: Sure, but also the Labels don’t earn as much as many people thinks.  In a few years we’re gonna have companies’ merger that’s sure! And let me tell that some big Labels are telling to the bands that if they don’t sell almost 20.000 copies they will be out then! And I wonder how is this possible?! How? When almost all the Labels are releasing every month so many shits for albums! And try to think how many bands are changing their style and play more soft music. Valley’s Eve will play more hard cause we fell better with this way. In the 80’s metal music was really heavy and in our days many bands are becoming sissies! Why?

Maybe they want to approach some other audience except the metal one and to have a chance to be on the radio.

L: I know, they don’t even play ballads and you know that the metal music has the greatest ballads! Those people prefer to put on the radio once again Michael Jackson than a metal band!

Let’s change subject now. I like very much your vocals in this album and especial in the song “Dark Room” with the narration in Greek. It’s one of my favorite songs!

L: Yes. I can tell that this song is the best of the album. It’s a very sentimental and depressive song! And the guys in the band they say the same thing.

And the idea to put Greek words in end of the song I guess that it was yours.

L: Yes. Generally I wrote the lyrics and most of the songs. And I must tell you that I really love my country and I’m very proud for this! In this point I have to add that as a musician and a lyric writer I’m oppressive. I don’t write any happy music or lyrics. I like the country where I stay and I feel ok but my soul and my heart are somewhere else!

What was the reaction from the other member of the band for putting the Greek narration in the song?

L: They agreed. They love this song and they were very satisfied with the final result.

Can you tell me a few things about the lyrics of the album and explain us the title of the album too.

L: Sure, this is a concept album and the story is about people that tried to suicide and they didn’t succeed. That’s why they are talking psychologist (I’m the psychologist) about the pain that they felt before the suicide mania took them over! They are talking many people but all of them ending with the same point!  This story is true and one friend of mine who had this problem told me those things!

The production also of the album is very powerful and good and it reminds me a little the productions that were made in the 80’s.

L: Yes I think the same thing. The production is very good and reminds the productions of the 80’s, but when you put the album on your stereo it will blow your stereo out! I like to have that 80’s sound with a little modern production, which will detach your attention.      

Tell me how did you get your name? Who had the idea?

L: Our first guitar player found the name and baptized the band. Valley’s Eve It is the special time of morning when the first rays of the sun are rising in the valley.

Have most of your dreams been fulfilled with Valley’s Eve? What more do you expect to get?

L: Yes, my dreams have been fulfilled and I’m very happy and proud cause I make good music and I release with my band very good albums and we’re progressing with every album that we made. I’m very happy with my life.

Well let me ask you something else now, how were the things with  “Sarissa”? What happened and you didn’t manage to sing in their album?

L: It was very good the whole thing with the guys from “Sarissa”. But I have to say that the members of this band had to be more professionals and more active. One other thing is that they should have recorded their album not in Greece but in Germany. That’s the reason why I didn’t sing in the album. In this point I must say that I like very much this album.

And now we go on with the “Weird Questions”!!!… Can you remember an album that you have bought and when you heard it you wished you never had bought it and you wanted to play Frisbee with it? And why?

L: Too many to mention! They will be mad at me many people but I will say it anyway! The new albums of Rage, Running Wild and Blind Guardian, wasn’t good. To tell the truth I didn’t like them at all. (Interviewers note: in this point I have to add that Dimitris asked me to write that he really loves the bands above and as a fan he was really disappointed and he does not mean to lessen their works. He speaks only as a fan.)

By the way tell me a few albums that you like very much.

L: Ahh…Too many to mention my friend! Anyway… some of them are: Heir Apparent – Graceful Inheritance, that’s an incredible album. Omen – Battle Cry, a heavy epic album. Sanctuary’s two albums (“Into the Mirror Black” and “Refuge Denied”). Those albums are really masterpieces!

Well thx for your time Dimitris. The last words of this interview belong to you.

L: Thank you very much Thanos for this interview. You’re doing very good work in your webzine. It’s very wonderful that you like our work and you support our band. We’ll talk soon my friend. See you In Greece. If you want further informations about Valley’s Eve visit our official website:

by Thanos (Mc)