Only a few months after their previous visit in Athens, Porcupine Tree visited us again for the promotion of the "In Absentia" album. As I didn't manage to see them during their previous visits, it was a good chance for me, after all I think that the Britons are in their artistic zenith, and it is good to watch a band live during its pamly days. Ten o' clock and I'm inside the club. From the speaker we can listen to ABBA music....you know "Dancing Queen", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", and although I like it, I feel that PT is very fortunate as their "metal" Greek fans are absent tonight....they are a few miles down the road to Pain of Salvation's gig....otherwise I really doubt that they would appreciate such music....

10:30, lights go down, too much smoke and the band is on the stage with "Blackest Eyes". The first thing I distinguish is that Wilson is really thin, and the sound comes to our ears crystal-clear! Nice entrance indeed with one of the best songs of 2002. "The Sound of Muzak" takes its turn and everyone seems to having a really good time. My only objection is this: the tickets and posters of the gig announced a "Special Light Show", which I either didn't realise, or there wasn't any. Unless this show has to do with the lights coming and going towards Wilson....but this isn't special light show. Anyway.

The set is based on the three most recent albums of the band. Here is the set-list more or less and not in order: “Wedding Nails”, “Lips of Ashes”, “Gravity Eyelids”, “Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth...”, “Hatesong”, “Russia On Ice”, “Even Less”, and I am sure I forget some more. The last encore was "Trains", about which Wilson said that it was supposed to be just an "album-track", until everyone started asking them to play it live....and to be honest I think it is a great live song.

If I have to choose the highlight of the show, I would definitely say the creepy performance on "Russia on Ice"!!! A song played with so much feeling that the speakers almost melt!! The band seems to be in really perfect shape (although I have not seen them before ad I cannot make the comparison). A show of good two hours, without ups and downs, speeches, solos etc. Just music. And we all liked it a lot. Until next time then.

by Alex Savatianos