There's no doub tthat Poison  is one of the best hard rock /poser metal groups in the planet. Their new work is really a masterpiece and they surely know how to write incredible songs that are talking about beautiful women, parties and things like that. I'll suggest to all of you to listen to the new album of Poison which is called "Hollyweird". Well, let's see what the drummer of the band Rikki Rockett told us about the new work of the band, and not only...

Welcome back my friend and accept my congratulations on Hollyweird. What made you return back to discography after such a long time?

R: It was simply time to do another record. Actually, it was way past time!

What did you do (you and generally Poison) all those years?

R: I had a comic book company. Continued to make music for myself. Bret did a couple of movies. CC did Samantha 7 and cleaned up. Bobby raised two children and cleaned up.

Did you have any other activities as it concerns the music industry?

R: Yes. A solo record called "Glitter For Your Soul" see: www.rikkirockett.com

  Does the whole situation in the music industry made you think: Shit man I going to quit all those things?

R: No, not at all.

Can you tell us what were the basic reasons that you split up the first time?

R: We never really split. Just a hiatus. CC needed to get clean and we all needed a break.

Do you believe that hair/poser metal movement is on a phase of rebirth, especially after Poison’s comeback?

R: I don't know what Hair Metal/Poser is. Poison is a hard rock band. A glam band and Poison should have happened and we did. We shall continue. Rebirth? Yep, born again pagan rockers.

How are you doing so far with the tour?

R: Amazing! Like a freshly lobed race car.

Is there any possibility to enjoy Poison here in Greece someday soon?

R: I hope so! That would be fantastic!

What are the future plans of the band?

R: Hopefully to tour Greece! Make records, tour. Do interviews and fight the urge to use drugs like a ravenous banshee.

Do you believe that nowadays Poison’s music style could be the same commercial at it use to be in the late 80?s?

R: No, and that is a good thing. Well, ya never know. Ford might want us for a commercial or something.

Do you still have the same life style (hot women, drinks, parties etc) like you had a decade ago?

R: I believe in loving one woman. I have a great loving one. If I didn't, I might be out pulling gold teeth from old ladies. We all need a retirement plan.

I would like to explain me the title of the album. What’s the meaning behind it? And if you can, please, make a comment for the artwork of the album.

R: Hollyweird=The Weird section of Hollywood. This place can be anywhere, really. Any city. They all have their odd places. Explain the artwork. If there were words, there would be no reason for the art.

And now we go on with the “Weird Questions”!!!? Imagine that your wife is selling your whole album-collection just to buy for her an expensive, good ring. How would you react?

R: Is that what she did with the money? Why didn't you tell me?

Tell us what do you remember as the most cool and successful party that you have with the other members of Poison and what were the reasons that made it so successful?

R: It had to have been the Female Welders Association annual party. I actually got my hat rack welded for free that night.

Does the triptych “women- parties- metal” express the life style and the ideology of Poison?

R: Yes. And so does, STD's, hangovers and ringing ears.

I wish you the best for “Hollyweird” and I 'll leave the last question up to you. Are there any last comments or words you have for the Greek readers?

R: We (Poison), very much look forward to meeting and playing for all  the Greek fans. I hope you had fun reading my answers.

by Thanos (Mc) Aggelakis & Kyriaki Petraki