On a cloudy and melancholic night, the cd player should play the new album of Novembre “Novembrine Waltz”…. Read what Carmelo, the singer of Novembre told us about the melancholic music that he loves!!!
1. First of all, I heard your latest album, which I think is a really heavy and melancholic one and I enjoyed it very much. Tell me the latest news of the band.

C: Well we're right back from an European tour with Opeth and Katatonia which brought us all around Europe. Quite stressing one but fully satisfying. Now
we're gonna have some more gigs in Italy with Death SS, Cadaveria (formerly Opera IX), Labyrinth, Domine and other. Besides that we've to write new songs, we'll see

2. I think that the Album "Novembrine Waltz" was one of the best albums for 2001.Do you believe that the time for Novembre has come to make the 'Big' Step?

C: Well I don't really know. People seem to appreciate or music especially here in the country, but I was told that many people know us in Greece. That's absolutely awesome. Greece is the home of the purest metal. Hail Rotting
Christ, Varathron, Nightfall and the old scene. I dunno if we'll do a big step, our music is still hard to sell, quite
complex, and I'm satisfied with it. Don't think we'll ever go commercial.

3. What are the things that inspire you to write such a heavy melodic and melancholy music?

C: Oh well, I'm always been fascinated by the moody side of life. I'm inspired from a twilight, a polluted shore in winter, and other situations which make me reflect and travel inwards. I'm a dreamer, u know, can't really cope with
ordinary life.

4. D you write the lyrics;and what do they talk about?  Which are your favorite lyrics subjects?

C: I do write the lyrics, they're mostly dealing with the subjects mentioned before. But sometimes I've got just to fill in the blanks. I mean, when the song is ready and no lyric is written yet, I do sing senseless words and then I replace'em with real ones just trying to find the nicest verses.

5. I think that the best season for you is autumn! And your best month is November! Your music is so "happy"!!!. What's your favourite time for writing music and lyrics?

C: Any time! Once I could have said winter, but now I realised that music and words have no specific times to come out. I wrote lyrics in august and December and the both were excellent (for me, of course). Cold and dusk is inside us, doesn't matter how sunny it is outside

6. How exactly did you get your name? What does it mean for you and what kind of situations does it remind you?

C: The criteria with which I choose a name are impossible to explain for me. It's just like a sudden flash, and I dunno where it comes from. I've clues, the name Novembre is mentioned in the lyric of a singer named Fabrizio De
Andrθ, who is someone from the 60's known in Italy. I love his songs. It might be a reason. But, for instance, I have no idea from where I took the name "Arte Novecento". Sometimes I'm in real trouble when they ask me about that album title.

7.Do you like most your brutal vocals or the clean ones? Are you planning to change your way of singing in the future as so many others have done? Who is the woman that sing in Cloudbusting? (One of my favourites songs of the album). Why do you choose to put only female vocals?

C: Well, she's no less than Ann-Mari Edvardsen, formerly singer of The 3rd and the mortal. One of my fave bands of all times. I'm so happy they're returning with a new album after 5 years of silence. I like both growled/screamed and clean vocals. They're all part of my background and I ain't gonna change my way of singing.

8. And now we go on with the "Weird Questions"!!!...Which are the 5 songs that when you're listening to them you can't stop crying and 5 that when you're listening to them you can't stop head banging!

C: Radiohead - Street spirit
Bjork - I've seen it all
Fabrizio De Andrθ - La canzone di Marinella
Beyond Dawn - Daughter Sunday
October Tide - Loosing tomorrow

Slayer - Altar of sacrifice
Death - Open casket
Kreator - Love us or hate us
Napalm Death - Siege of power
Pestilence - Dehydrated

9. If your wife were selling your half album-collection just to buy for her a good ring how would you react?

C: No wives here. But, if it will ever happen... better not react or it would end in blood and years of jail!!!

10. Ok Carmelo, we wish you the best for this new album. The last words of this interview belong to you.

C: Thanx a lot my friend, and hope to come to Greece soon.

by Thanos (Mc)