When I first saw the artwork of this album, I thought that the band would play atmospheric metal in the roots of Anathema (in their prime period) and The Gathering. But I was totally wrong. The quartet from Finland is playing melodic metal music with some gothic and hard rock elements! What a really strange combination you may think! Well, I believed the same too! But in this point I must tell you that the band has a great sense of melody and the guys know how to write catchy songs, with really melodic refrains. Just listen to the songs like the fantastic "Planets Falling" (which is for sure the best song of the album), the "strange" I Approach The End" and the calm "Walk With Me", and you will understand what I'm talking about. Perhaps the production of the album could be heavier but that is not something bad at all! Nattvind (a Swedish word that translates into Nightwind), managed to release a very interesting album that's full of energy and melody. I'm sure that the fans of melodic metal genre will appreciate the Nattvind's "Subuniverses"

T.A. 7/10




I bet you all know this great band from Finland. So, there is no better way to start with this review, than telling you that Nightwish's new fourth studio work, which is titled "Century Child", is actually a magnificent album! The songs of the album and the whole atmosphere will remind you as well the terrific "Oceanborn". Nightwish have wrote really classic songs like the incredible "Ever Dream", the exotic, sensational "Forever Yours", the impressive "Ocean Soul". Also I should not forget a grand cover of "The Phantom Of The Opera". Moreover the production of the album is crystal clear, and the voice of Tarja Turunen is once more again astonishing! The fact is that all those years, Nightwish have become a mega-band and are absolutely one of the best bands that have appear in the metal music for the last 10 years. According to my opinion "Century Child" is already regarding as one of the best albums that the band has ever released. And I'm sure that this album will not only enthuse the fans of the band, but also all those who like heavy power atmospheric metal music. Let's hope that Nighwish will continue offering us such enormous albums as "Century Child". The fans of the band will love this album and besides I believe that all the fans of heavy power music will buy this album!

T.A. 8,5/10       K.P. 8,5/10