Is this what Metallica offer to their fans and music community after 6 years of absence from producing original new work? If this is not a joke, I feel really sorry as soon (if not even now) they will understand how humiliating it is to sign such a work with the name Metallica. For me the band is clinically dead since 1991. "Load" and "Reload" have been two boring albums, and let me clear this: I don't criticize their wish to change their style, image etc. An artist must explore new paths, and honestly nobody would ever want them to produce 3 or 4 "Ride the Lightning". My objection is that in their two previous albums they just produced bad music. The experiment "I want to be Sabbath in Sabbath's place, with Jimmy Hendrix in the guitars" was a failure, as in order to do it you have to be -at least inspired, a state of affairs that Metallica is missing since 1991. And this is proved to the highest extend by "St. Anger", where the best song of the album (if it can be called "good" such a song), the self-titled one, is based on Megadeth forms, especially in the refrain.

I've heard that the album was bad before I listened to it, but I never expected something THAT terrible! The band has adopted a nu metal/hardcore approach, which doesn't work for the group, has nothing to offer and - I don't know how else to say it - is just bad music: no rhythm, fake drums (listen for example when Lars plays double bass, where you can distinguish a third bass drum!!!!), lack of composing ability (it mustn't have taken them more than five days to "compose" these songs), total absence of solos (if they think that they are Fates Warning and can produce albums without any solos, please wake them up), but even the "riffs" sound like scratching the pick on the strings and nothing else. The songs present a non-structure, they are fractured, no space to evolve some good ideas (a fact that underlines the shortage of inspiration). In a few words Metallica these days seem like four guys banging their instruments without any meaning - and at least they don't even do it with style!!

And the worst of all is Bob Rock's production! This must be a joke, as I don't see any reason for a balanced musician to release an album with such a miserable production, which buries the songs even more (we are talking about six feet under!). Only to mention that the drums remind me of the glory days, before I form my high school band - and before I buy my drum set - when I used to play drums with my mother's stew pans and pots!

I really don't understand what are the motives behind this lamentable release. At least to me it seems like downgrading my intelligence: Metallica know that they would sell millions of copies even if the album was blank, so they released something just to amuse their selves by watching people buying shit as a trade for a name. The band, which became rich by copying Diamond Head and Mustaine's ideas, plays bad jokes on the fans who made them what they are.

But you know what, time will tell.... However it's such a shame on the one hand for other groups to sweat and bleed to produce a good record for the world to listen to it - and probably go unheard, and on the other hand to have Metallica desecrating the art of music, because they know that they will sell a few million CDs anyway. The album might be of use only for immature ages, children with lots of "energy" and testosterone to consume and no other place to channel it...But even in such a case I'd suggest Spiritual Beggar's "On Fire" with guts, no bullshit.

I would grade the album with 1, but my grade makes a better connotation with my view for the CD. I am going to listen to the new Queensryche now. Real art, no shit!

by Alex Savatianos 3/10


Metallica are back to music community after six years and they present their new songs, image, and of course their new sound. The fans of the band were waiting for the new Metallica's album with a lot of anxiety and they were sure that Metallica wont' disappoint them! 

Six months before "St. Anger" was released appeared from nowhere a new "strange" propaganda for Metallica. Prophets (maybe Metallica's fans or members from their fan clubs) from everywhere were announcing that the new Metallica album would be in the same style of "Master Of Puppets"! When I asked them from where they knew that thing (six whole months before the album was released and they knew how it will sound!), their answer was that they had information from inside the band! Great imagination guys! Better write a novel next time! That's why I "baptized" that kind of people, false prophets. The bad thing is that now, that the album is being released all those false prophets have disappeared! In the same "strange" and mysterious way that they appeared they also disappeared!!! Some people have gone crazy. There's nothing more to say!

Well, even by the rumors that I have heard for "St. Anger" (like the ones I said above) I start thinking that something wrong is going to be with the new Metallica's album. Jason Newsted left from the band without any profound reason. Of course it's not him the big problem for Metallica, but it seems that as band-members they are not as close to each other as they seemed. Then they found a new bass player that was playing on Suicidal Tendencies. I don't' say that the guy do not play good. But as we all know the songs are composed from Lars/James, so no one can blame Turjilo and also it would be stupid for someone to do such a thing. 

Metallica have lost their inspiration maybe before the 90's and I don't see a reason for anyone to call them a "big" or the "biggest" all time metal band or craps like those. A band is becoming big when it releases albums that are all diamonds; they infect many other bands (and Metallica have done such a thing in the past) and their way in the music community lasts for a long time without becoming ridiculous! So, after Metallica had released three impressive albums (in this point I must say that Mustaine help them a lot and they made them good band), and after Cliff's death (the worst thing that could happen to them), Metallica released albums like the average "And Justice For All", the good but soft and commercial "Metallica", the confused and bad "Load" and the crap "Reload". So where's the "big" band that we are talking about?! I also accept the thing that Metallica brought many people and especially those who didn't like heavy music, to the metal community, especially after the "Metallica" album but this thing is as good as it is bad. You cannot call yourself a "big" band and to behave like a "big" band and not to act like one! And you act like a "big" band when you release amazing albums and you give terrific live shows. Someone might say that Metallica have gave great live shows and I will agree with him. But how long ago Metallica used to do that wonderful live shows? A long time ago…

Metallica proved us that they are only interest for the money. That's why they done all those shits with Napster and they didn't think (especially Lars) that this thing would cost them. But why should they care? They have so much money they even got more and they still are making fool of us! I suggest them to close the whole net cause even now that you are reading these lines someone may download a song of them! What a miss for the poor Metallica! They also tried to fools us once again when they released on the net other songs and they have renamed them as they were the songs form "St Anger". They still are making tricks to fool their fans! But their fans went and bought the album from the first day that it was released. And offered more money to Metallica. And what they listened to??? 

Metallica's new album is a total failure! I don't know from where to start! The production is so awful (Bob Rock failed us all) as especially the sound of the drums is like you hit a stew pan! The vocals is so damn bad (I'm wondering why James still insists to sing, as he knows that he cannot do it well!), and of course the songs of the album is don't have nothing to offer us. Only little kids can listen to those songs and maybe they won't even like them! I also noticed that Metallica have made o tremendous mix between music styles in this album. So what kind of music do they play now? Rock? As they use to say when they released "Load"? Metal? As they used to play when they where twenty years old? No. They play a kind of nu-metal-core-alternative-rock, and I don't even know what else, music! I don't have anything against all those music styles but I was confused when I listened to "Shoot Me Again" and thought that I was listening to Alice In Chains! Even in the homonymous song they have copied the refrain from Megadeth and it sounds like a bad b-side Megadeth song! 

As a result to all those things that I said before, I can tell that Metallica have disappointed me (and some thousands of their fans also) and they have also confirmed me when I said some years ago that they better split up cause from now own only craps we will get from them! They better made us a favor and leave (metal) music community as soon as they can or better compose a damn good song if they could!! They are no money left here for them! Good night Metallica…

by Thanos Aggelakis 4/10