The evil band Lord Belial are back with a new album "Angelgrinder". Well to say the truth the music style of the band hasn't change at all (as I was expecting it) and they continue to play fast Swedish black metal with many mid and low-tempo breaks. But if you're not fan of this band don't try to listen to "Angelgrinder" cause you will regret for losing your time in vain! But if you are already a fan of this band, you will surely like their new album. Well, and now I would like to say something that I have already said before, but I will say it once again. It is very naive for bands like Lord Belial to believe that if they put some make up on their faces, wear a pentagram in their necks and also make a very evil artwork, that they will be really very bad (in my humble opinion Michael Jackson is more bad than those ridiculous guys!) and they'll manage to sell some copies of their pathetic album! Wake up guys! It's better to try to write a good song first, and then to deal with your image. Also I hope that all those black metal bands will stop using that annoying drum-machine in their albums. People are not stupid! Writing the epilogue of this review, I have to add that I hardly managed to listen to this piece of shit!

T.A. 1/10      K.P. 1/10


"Waking The Dead" is the new album of the gunners from Los Angeles, and it's one more album, which shows that the hard rock/poser metal genre is rising from its ashes! The band from L.A. seems to be in a good mood and in a good shape and songs like the homonymous, "Waking The Dead", the amazing "Revolution" the full of energy "City Of Angels" and the careless "The Ballad" are the best proofs for all those things that I said before. I believe that the hair/poser metal "movement" is coming back to 21st century with a lot of impulse and supremacy! Also I must say that "Waking The Dead" is one of the best works that L.A. Guns have ever released and that is something very encouraging for the band itself and for all their followers. This album contains songs that they will make you go on the bend! In my opinion, the fans of the band should buy "Waking The Dead" and all the hard rock/metal fans too. The choice is up to you. 


T.A. 8,5/10           K.P. 8/10