Kalmah have released a very interesting and heavy album. It's time for that incredible band to be more known among the metal fans. This is the second album of the band and it would be a pitty if you'll miss the chance to listen to this release. Antti Koko the guitarist/composer of the band told us many ineresting thinks...Let's see below.

Hello Antti. Well I have to submit that you have released one of the best albums for the year! Firstly introduce us the band, and tell me about the musical background of each of the members of Kalmah.

A: Hello! The line-up is Antti Kokko (guitar), Pekka Kokko(guitar, vocals), Pasi Hiltula(keys), Timo Lehtinen(bass) and Janne Kusmin(drums). I have played in a demo band (Remains) before Kalmah. I also played with Eternal Tears of Sorrow on their latest album. Pekka has played only in Ancestor and Kalmah and Ancestor is actually the same band. Pasi has a prog band but I canít remember itís name. He has also played in Etos as I. Janne has played in Catamenia and Timo is still playing with Catamenia and has a demo project.

The album has a very ďstrangeĒ and allegoric title: ďThey Will ReturnĒ. Who are ďTheyĒ? Whatís the meaning behind the albumís title?

A: They are the northern messengers from the Polar Sea. They always arrive at the lake of Wind here at Pudasjšrvi every Fall. and when they arrive we are waiting...

I want to ask how do you feel that youíre working with your brother (I think that he is older than you)? It was your wish to join the band (as far as I know you werenít in the band fro the beginning)? Who do you think that is the leader of Kalmah?

A: Pekka is 5 years older than me, thatís right. We have always played together much but in the beginning of Ancestor I was only 12 years old, so Pekka didnít take me in the band. When my hair was long enough he asked me to play in Ancestor. We have had some musical argues during these years but none of them have been dramatic. As we are brothers we have to move one and bury the hatchet. Now we have clear relative strengths in the band. I do most of the music and Pekka concentrates on the lyrics. Itís working well.

Can you explain to us what Kalmah means? Whoís idea was to call the band Kalmah?

A: Kalmah is a word from Karelian dialect and it means "to the grave" or "to the death". When we decided to change the name we figured out that we had to come up with something original. So, we started to look some fine words from books written in Karelian dialect as we knew that there are not so many of them on the market because our uncle has done the only books in that particular language in the whole world. So, we found Kalmah and it was the name we took. If I remember correctly Pekka found it but we decided together to start using it.

Is this a concept album? The lyrics of the album are referring to something specific?

A: We always try to make an album where is some associations between the lyrics and music, so that the listener can get some certain mood or spiritual state from the music. Itís important because every good album Iíve heard or liked for years and years can give me some kind of mood or something, thatís why they are good. Music has to cause some kind of interest or something that it can be enduring and everlasting. Well, everlasting is maybe too strong word but thatís the goal we are trying to aim. The album is not a real concept album if I get you right. I think Iíve never heard any special concept album like I think classical albums are. Like four seasons but Antonio Vivaldi or something.

In which bands do you feel more yourself and also you feel more free and cool to play the guitar? Do you prefer most Kalmah? (By the way can you tell us why EtoS are taking a break? I hope that you havenít split up!)

A: Kalmah has always been the m?number one for me. I have speared all the good stuff for Kalmah!!!...:). No actually
our music is totally different from Etos`s, so there hasnít been any problems in making music without making some
conflicts. Etos is taking a break and to speak truth it seems to be a very long one. Iím speaking of break to play that
will last at least 2-3 years. Itís really hard to predict are we going together anymore because within 2-3 years can
happen lot of things.We donít even know where we are then. I hope we could make new records in the future though.

Why do you choose to make a cover of ďSkin Oí My TeethĒ? Is it something that you planned? We also know
that Megadeth is the band that your brother Pekka likes most.

A: I think Megadeth is the best metal band ever as well and thatís why we wanted to cover Megadeth.On the other hand
I havenít heard any Megadeth covers on the market and it was about time to make one. They are great players and it
was an honour to make a cover.  I just read that Dave is leaving the band because a serious injury and i had to sit down
for a while... It seems that Megadeth wonít be doing albums anymore but I really hope the can. There's no words to
describe the loss what Megadeth leaves on the metal scene. Next weekend I will sit down, listen to Megadeth and drink
drink for Dave! I truly hope he gets well!

And now lets to our Weird Questions If you were the DJ on a high societyís party, where it was full of VIP's,
which 5 songs would youchoose to play in order to wake them up and make them high or make them to freak
out comletely?

A: The opening track would be Kill the Idealist, so I could lead them to the right mood. Then I'd put My Nation on the
player so they could thinkof what they have done to the nations. The Blind Leader would be next, so, they could notice
how blind they truly are! The would be Human Fates, so they could reach the level of labourer and then Swamphell.
They could have themselves drown in a swamp.

If you had to go in a place far beyond civilization and you are allowed to take with you only 5 albums, which
ones would you choose and why?

A: Megadeth, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction - they can always give me surprises and get me a happy mood.
Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power - if i met some cannibals i could have the strenght to fight them back!
Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy - I have to speak with the aliens if theyíd come.
And Paradise Lost, Icon - that I could sink in my loneliness and sadness.
With these Iíd take booze as much as I can carry!

Well those were my questions. Add anything you want for the end. I hope the best for you and Kalmah...
Take care my friendÖ

A: Thank you for the interview! Visit our website at www.kalmah.com and enjoy because They will return!

by Thanos (Mc)