In this page we will present some albums that we consider them as monuments for the Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Music. Maybe some of them aren't much popular but trust us cause every album that we present in this page is very important and also some of them are extremely rare. We hope that you'll like this page...




Back in 1992 a brand newcomer band under the name of Casanova released its second album. The first one was "Casanova" and left people with the best impressions. So the second album was going to be like a barometer for the band. As a result, I can say that Casanova they took the bet cause they managed to release, under the unique and terrific title, "One Night Stand", an excellent melodic rock/hard rock album. As genuine Casanovas then would surely have had a lot of "One Night Stands" especially after that album! The sure is that "One Night Stand" is full of melody, power, smart lyrics and will truly made your day if you listen to it! In the late 80's - early 90's the specific kind of music was at its high and a lot of good, great and also crap bands had appeared in the music industry. I believe that Casanova were one of those bands that had all the potentials to take a leading part in the specific genre. All the omens were with them and nothing seemed that could stop their way to the top! Unfortunately at that time grunge music appeared and it was the reason that many grand bands like Casanova "forced" to split up. That happened cause all the music labels wanted to find groups like Nirvana and to make a "good" and "commercial" album so that they can took as many money as they could before the grunge music crashes down! Damn shit labels you had destroyed so many bands and so much good music in the name of gold!!! Anyway back to the album again, and actually I cannot tell which song from this album is better than the other. I will only refer to my favorite seven songs of the album and do not even think that the rest of them are not good or even better from those that I will refer to. Well, first of all I must refer to my beloved, catchy hard rocker "Sealed With A Kiss" which is one of the best songs of this specific genre and I'm not exaggerating. Other highlights of this album are the semi-acoustic "One Of These Days", the "poser" dynamite "Love's Crashin' Down", the fast and heavy opener "Guns Say Fire", the powerful mid-tempo rocker "Ticket To The Moon", the melodic light-footed "I'll Come Runnin'", and the guitar driven "The Doctor Is In". As a resume, I will only say that all the fans of melodic qualitative rock/hard rock music must have the three first Casanova albums and especially "One Night Stand". Make yourself a gift and go as soon as you can and buy this outstanding album wherever you find it! …"Use your fantasy, is the key, to your dreams…" Casanova says…

by Thanos Aggelakis



In the late 80's glam rock/poser metal musical movement became very popular. Many bands were tying to take advantage of the labels that were looking with a lot of anxiety to find the new "idols" of this genre. That fact was as bad as it was good, cause although many newcomers bands were born, in the other hand, numerous copycat acts followed the path of great bands like Poison, Hanoi Rocks (they started all - although they were coming from Finland), Ratt, and Bon Jovi, and finally they caused repletion in this genre sooner than it was expected. Then in 1989 a band, which was formed in New York's Queens, presented its first self-titled album. That band is called Danger Danger. This album contains eleven songs, which are full of melodies, energy, power, sensitivity, and the most important of all, inspiration! Even though that album was at least incredible the band didn't managed to make a big break in the crowd. I believe that this injustice, even it is very late, must finally be over. Danger Danger is a band that had released tremendous albums like "Danger Danger", "Screw It" and "Dawn" and they have never taken what they truly deserve! If they were more bands like Danger Danger in this genre, then it would never had touched bottom! If you like melodic hard rock/metal music and you are looking for "old" diamonds, which may still are behind the lights, then you should (or shall I say must?) check out immediately Danger Danger. Be sure that every album that we present here in Hall Of Fame really deserves not only your money but the most important of all your precious time and for sure all the albums that are in this section are at least classics. May not be very popular (we didn't want to present very known albums like Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son", cause we all know that albums like that are truly classics.) but here we are trying "to bring back to life" albums that under other circumstances such as better promotion, they could have become legendary! One of these albums is totally "Danger Danger". I "challenge" you to listen to songs like the unique hard rock hymn "Under the Gun", the playful "Naughty Naughty", the melodic "Fells Like Love", the sensitive "One Step From Paradise", the rocker "Rock America", the catchy "Bang Bang", and finally the rest songs of this incredible album and you will surely understand that you have lost a lot of things not to have listened to "Danger Danger"! In this point I must say that the singer of the band Ted Poley is one of my favorites singers and also I should give many congratulations to Bruno Ravel (bass), Steve West (drums), that together they have composed this magnificent album! You will surely have a good time listening to Danger Danger!

by Thanos Aggelakis


Scene from the movie "High Fidelity": Saturday morning inside the packed second hand vinyl store (which belongs to John Cuzak). The fatty assistant (music-freak) of the shop passes on to the ignorant customer the "Blonde On Blonde" vinyl, hugs him and whispers: "Don't you have this album? Ssshhh, don't say it to anyone. Don't worry - take it and everything will be all right". If there are 4-5 persons/groups who have literally changed modern music's history, then Bob Dylan is definitely one of them. To argue that one of his albums is the best one would be objective (although "Highway 61 Revisited" is for sure the most influential), so I can say that "Blonde On Blonde" is among his top class works, and my favourite one. The amazing thing here is that we get 14 songs (73 minutes of music) without a single weak moment. The sound of the album sticks to the sound of his early days where it belongs: a mixture of folk/blues/rock. I can hardly highlight the number of anthems included here: "Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35", "I Want You", "Just Like A Woman", "Absolutely Sweet Marie", "Visions of Johanna" ....You know what, the music-freak in the movie was right. Whenever I play this album, everything is all right!

by Alex Savatianos


England, 1978. NWOBHM was in the making. Two brothers, Tino and Chris Troy formed a band with the name "Praying Mantis", recorded a three track demo and took it to the famous DJ of the Soundhouse Neal Kay. He instantly loved the songs, offered them a gig there and by 1980 the demo topped the Soundhouse and Sounds HM Charts. This was the beginning. In 1981 Mantis released their first full length album "Time Tells No Lies", which remains a monumental work, placed among the best debuts in NWOBHM history. Mantis differentiated their position from traditional NWOBHM, because their approach was more elite, lyrical, based on melody and harmonies. The band presents high skills, creating songs that aren't just "heavy metal". Although Mantis somehow still manage to release albums, they never enjoyed the respect they deserved. Unfortunately like many other excellent bands of their era, Mantis has been neglected. Today "Time Tells No Lies" is remembered by the older ones as one of the best NWOBHM albums - for bad luck though (and although is has been released in CD once) the album can rarely be found. Trust me and whenever you get so lucky to spot it somewhere, "bite" it immediately - it's a guaranteed masterpiece!

by Alex Savatianos


I strongly believe that 'Siogo" is the best but one the less known works of Blackfoot. They become very known with albums like "Strikes" and "Tomcattin', and they took their name from an native race with whom Medlocke was related. Another thing that makes "Siogo" so special is the presence of Ken Hensley who he also wrote some of the songs. The result was the great hard rockin' (with also some southern rock elements) "Siogo" which was far away from what they had done till that moment. In this album someone can find eternal hard rock hymns like "Teenage Idol", and "Send Me An Angel", so it's a deep shame for a hard rock fan not to have this album or even worse not to have listen to those historical songs!!! I'm not exaggerating but it's generally acceptable that "Siogo" is one the diamonds of this music and especially of the hard rock genre. All of you that you are eternally searching things out and you are wild spirits grab this unique album wherever you find it! Don't loose the chance to listen to such a damn good album. It's absolutely recommended my friends!

by Thanos Aggelakis


Trying to figure out my favourite Stones album was something like searching for a needle among great, huge haystacks.... anyway I ended up with the most influential as far as music seem to evolve under my own prism... the record begins with "Brown Sugar". A song that Stones used to play live at the back of a van during their early attempts to promote their music over the Atlantic...just like the old blues legends used to do... as of course is understood, bands like the Stones didn't need to try any harder than that. The record continues with songs like "Sway", "Midnight Rambler", "Sister", "Morphine", "Dead Flowers"... indeed many people tried to copy the Rolling Stones vibe and ability to transmit their music so widely between the masses from punks, rockers, hippies, folk music funs and blues lovers, to politicians, yappies and generally to other influential people of which the musical opinion is worthless. Everybody has at some point or another listened to the Stones and that is their magic. The bible of all stoner rock has to be a Rolling Stones record!

by Dzean Foxx


Back in those days everything that was coming out of band-geniuses like Sabbath, was pure...not like today...sniff! Ozzy, Geezer, Tony, and Bill managed to rule the world at the time and influence hundreds of younger bands. Heavy metal was there and the proof was Black Sabbath. Their fifth album meant to seal the zenith of their creativity, imagination, sales and patience... another album with Ozzy (Sabotage) and that was it...after that? Check out "Born Again"... I am not saying that Sabbath did something wrong, or that Ozzy was the soul of Sabbath, but that their chemistry wore - off, enhanced probably by shitloads of drugs and alcohol gar...anyway,  is a must for the young - respect.


by Dzean Foxx


Neurosis: Steve Von Till (guitar /vocals/percussion), Scott Kelly(guitar/vocals/percussion), Dave Edwardson (bass/vocals), Noah Landis (keyboards/samples/ tapes), Jason Roeder (drums/ percussion). The group was formed in 1985 in California, maybe the most productive of the musical capitals of the world, never made it to the top as their subject themes seem to establish them deeply underground. A band that headed philosophically for their confused feelings to be expressed and succeeded in many ways not readily obvious indeed..also check: "Enemy Of The Sun", & "A Sun That Never Sets"- the band always played live after dark as they thought of themselves insignificant at the sun's presence! What do you think of that? Outstanding...

by Dzean Foxx


Improvisation...for some people that term, expressed all music ever existed, for most of the people though, jazz was a very specific music, not readily absorbed by the listener due to it's complexity.1969 and Miles Davis, already in his 40's was one of the very few jazz artists capable, financially, to "hire" top musicians like Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarret on the electric piano (praised the newcomer at that time fender rhodes piano), John Mclaughlin on the guitar, Dave Holland on the bass and Jack Dejohnette on the drums. Usually on live shows, a second drummer would be present on stage. Finally, Wayne Shorter on the sax with Miles "the leader" on trumpet were the brass section.... the result meant to be a record that 1) Transformed all the artists involved into superstars 2) Columbia records made numerous releases of the music that Miles recorded and performed live in the time between 1969 - 1971, incorporated in only two albums ("In A Silent Way" and "Bitches Brew")...(really what can you say about the industry?) 3) Made the big old crowd able to listen to music of the highest quality, music that was created right before their poor eyes and ears...we were born too late to understand the full scale of this masterpiece...

by Dzean Foxx


Every time I have to do a review on one of my favorite albums, I don't know where to start. Maybe is the fact that memories from the past still remind me that noone's taste is the same with another, or maybe is that not all the people who read this are going to agree with what I write. Anyway, considering that I don't give a shit about anyone else as far as the music of my likes is concerned, I will continue with the filthy role of reviewing for you "Symbolic". Chuck Schuldiner, with the help of Gene Hoglan released under the name of Death in 1995 one of the best death metal records of all time. The creativity of Chuck, primarily, is pretty obvious and really expected after masterpieces like "Spiritual Healing". Symbolic created a couple of years after "Individual Thought Patterns" was meant to be the deserved continuation, and with the sound of...Chuck died ...living the passionate language behind, from the new listener's point of view. "Symbolic" is filled with aggression expressed via superb technical playing by all members of the band at that time, but also with sensitive, poetic-like lyrics, which are easily understood and stay in the listener's mind. The result can only be mentioned in such a section of the Metal Abyss site (Hall Of Fame) as the gigantic status of this album influenced many of the younger musicians.

by Dzean Foxx


"Red" by King Crimson appeared in my way pretty surprisingly and thankfully occupies a big big portion of my heart. Robert Fripp, the guitarist, composer and generally the psychotic father of King Crimson made his miracle again. And the word miracle to characterize the music of this album is not considered personal estimation. Proof to that is the fact that their point is made again understood to anyone who will listen to this record even after all these years. Again the musical ingredient of the record is very delicate and advanced technically, as most of King Crimson's works.
"Always listen to things that sound right to you, insist on things that express you and never say for an artist that his work isn't good...it might be your "fault" that you don't understand his music"…
These last lines are dedicated to King Crimson who never got what they really deserved... Hail to the Crimson King!!!



by Dzean Foxx


Back in the early - mid 60's not many top musicians were available...Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton were only three of them...hence the name. Cream, the top. This might sound a super ego-boosting name for a band to adopt but Cream were something else. They reached a level, in their music, that only very few bands have ever, ever achieved. Take a listen to "Crossroads - Robert Johnson cover" and you will see what I mean about Cream the best psychedelic, rock, blues, afro-beat fusion that was generated and fuelled by this high-power trio. The years have passed and music has changed indeed...but Cream, for those who loved them, were a great inspiration without a doubt...some of the most original music ever captured and performed. Big money though, always changed the man...each member of the band became a self-admiring freak, Jack and Ginger were not even talking for a good few years after Cream separated, Clapton was trying drugs so he didn't have the time... so this is a message from Foxx to all of you kids who think that they're doing something really worthy... don't you ever let your pathetic egomania grow larger than the status of your music...to your ears...

by Dzean Foxx


The least thing that we could do in memory of Chuck Schuldiner is to present "Individual Thought Patterns" in the HALL OF FAME. Well, personally, I believe that this is the best album that Chuck has ever made and one of the best albums in the history of METAL! And of course this is obvious if someone check out the line up in this unique record: Andy LaRocque on lead guitar (no comments!), Steve DiGiorgio on bass (Magician!), and Gene Hoglan behind the drums (Titan!). 
Chuck puts even more emphasis on the guitar harmonies, and creates incredible heavy-prog riffs and fantastic solos! The 10 songs of this album are all D-I-A-M-O-N-D-S and really I cannot tell which is better from the other. Death with this record cemented their reputation as one of the best Metal bands and the most effective in Death metal. A musically proficient, and divine album that can be listened and also be loved only from real metal funs that adore pure Metal music, straight from the heart. It's impossible for anyone to listen to this record one time only…
Chuck, you will always live in our hearts!!! We thank you for giving us such a great music.


by Thanos


When we say the name Russ Ballard, our mind always goes to the great hits that this musician has wrote, sang with his bands, or gave to other hard rock or metal bands. All of them became super hits! The homonymous record that we present here has a great place to the "Hall of Fame". This album was released in 1984, containing 8 brilliant hard rock songs, and it's definitely the best that Russ ever made! 
Russ except that he is a great singer, he is also a surprisingly strong guitarist and his songs maintain a high level of generic quality. His ability of creating hits it's something incredible! He had worked with many bands, and he gave them many songs that almost all of them became popular and made those bands famous to the people. His songs, can be listened by anyone, but there are at the same time musically and technically genius! 
Russ Ballard is not an ordinary musician. Seek for his albums and listen to his majestic music! It's better late than never!



by  Thanos & Kyriaki


Well SAVATAGE with "Gutter Ballet" mixed the heavy riffs with progressive elements and the result was an excellent record! Jon Oliva and his brother Criss with the addition of the great producer Paul O' Neill wrote all the songs of this album that features slower tempos, heavy/acoustic guitars, great ballads, and sensitive lyrics.
Maybe this record is the best that Savatage have released and we are sure that everyone, even not metal funs, has listened to it. "When The Crowds Are Gone" is an Eternal diamond and one of the best songs in the history of Heavy Metal! Of course the previous and the next releases of Savatage are remarkable but nothing can compare with this exciting album.
If someone hasn't listened to this album it's better to stop dealing with Metal music!!!


by Thanos & Kyriaki


The name of Virgin Steele, is absolutely connected with Epic Metal. The album "Guardians Of The Flame" is the first album of Virgin Steele, that has elements of Epic Metal. With Jack Starr on lead guitar and David Defeis on vocals, "Guardians Of The Flame" offers to the metal audience, authentic and pure heavy metal music. With inspired changes from the dynamics rythms to soft melodies this album definitely deserves a place ot the "Hall Of Fame", but more on you album collection.
It's difficult nowadays to find the original album on the music stores, but if you do, it will worth it no doubt about!! The expressivness of David Defeis's voice in compination with the epic atmosphere of Virgin Steele's music, effected musically and not only, many other bands in the future. Virgin Steel is here and we are presenting them to you as a unique metal band that you should listen and feel with all of your senses!!!

by Kyriaki