I always liked Freedom Call and all the albums that they have released in the past. So here we got the new album of the band and once again we can find all those elements that made us love them and also many good-surprising songs. This album features good power metal songs with multiphonetic refrains such as "Metal Invasion", "Flying High" (one of my favorites), "Ages Of Power" with the black/death vocals! at the end of the song, and the melodic mid-tempo "Bleeding Heart". But I assure you that is very hard to choose which song is better than the other because almost all of them are striking. This is an excellent album from a band, which every album that release is better than the previous one! Other highlights of the album are, the mid-tempo elegy "Flame In The Night", the super-"hit" "Land Of Light" and the super epic emotional "Turn Back Time". Freedom Call released a superb album full of melodic astonishing songs that many great bands from German are incapable to write anymore! But that's how the whole story goes. We must depend on the "new" bands like Freedom Call cause the "big" ones is really hard to release an album with the quality that this one has. Freedom Call was always a very good band but "Eternity" shows that they want to take a leading part in the heavy/power metal scene. And believe me they got the capacities to do such a thing!

T.A. 9/10



This is weird. The album ends with an amazing song (Busted to the Floor), which shows that the band has potentials to play something original, as it is a mixture of power/hard rock with prog bridges. What a grande finale for the album! Alas! In the rest of the album the band plays typical European power metal (the ballad "Portals of Light" is really good!), in the path of Blind Guardian etc. Double bass, nice vocal melodies, guitar harmonies and the rest are all here, plus some folk elements, which give a variety to the album. We are talking about an album that one can listen to with pleasure, but nothing more. The European-power freaks will definitely appreciate it and place it to the shelve next to the Gamma Ray, Excelsis, Guardian, Rhapsody, albums with pride. As for the rest, try your luck with something else

A.S. 7/10 







Final Breath is a quite new band that comes from Germany, which plays thrash/death metal music. "Mind Explosion" is the second album that they release. The songs of the album are very heavy and the voice of their singer is brutal enough. They seem to be influenced from the German thrash scene and another influence for the band must be for sure the grand band, which is called Death. After so many times that I have listened to the album some riffs brought on my mind the old (and mighty) Metallica. Anyway, some very interesting songs of the album are "To Live And To Die","Breakdown" and "When Love Turns To Hate", but in this point I have to say that the rest of the songs are not so good as the previous ones. And that thing is something not very good for the album's overall result. Well, for the end I'll suggest to the fans of this genre to take a look on that album, cause they may find some very interesting elements on Final Breath's work.

T.A. 6,5/10      K.P. 6,5/10




Flowing Tears are well known to the metal community since 1996, as an extremely talented and very young band. Flowing Tears -Formerly known as Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - are back. The band has just released a very interesting and special album with the equivocal title "Serpentine". The new album, with 12 tracks is a very good choice for those who are into gothic metal music but who also like the musical experimentations. The female singer Stefanie Duchene, definitely is doing a great work but Benjamin Buss (guitars and programming) is doing a good work too! The other two members of Flowing Tears are Frederic Lesny on Bass and Stefan Gamballa - on the Drums. All of them are surprisely young! So…the future is wide open for this band!!! Most of the songs are well written and contain many interesting parts and ideas in the composing area and not only. Choruses, melodic guitar leads, harmonic keyboards and of course Stefanie's atmospheric vocals which is a big plus for the final result, gives this specific outcome. In addition the production, is very clear, and it comes as a vital part and final that completes "Serpentine" in the best possible way. The album has amazing songs like the homonymous "Serpentine" or "Carnage People". Those are songs that are belonging to that kind: the melody may "stuck" into your head for hours! But, for those who are not into this kind of music, I wouldn't suggest to get this album. I'm sure they will bore to die! The truth is that in this album there are a few parts that are rather boring but this not something that characterizes the whole album. Thus, I'm sure that Flowing Tears, very soon could be one of the top Metal bands in their genre!!!

K.P. 8/10