"Coma Nation" is the new release of Eidolon. Everyone should listen to this album, and understand that such releases keep the metal flame alive!!! 
We found Shawn Drover who is the drummer of the band and also the basic composer.On the following interview, he talks about many interesting things. Just read belowÖÖ
First of all, you have released a very good and heavy (too heavy I could say) album. We all liked the album very much. Now after all those days of work in the studio, would you change anything in the album?

S: I donít think I would,  really. It is a very diverse record, which is something we really wanted to explore this time. We donít follow a certain formula, I think that could really ruin your creativity as a musician. There are very heavy elements to this record - and many melodic moments as well. To me,  you always have to try to become better at what you do. Luckily for us, we have.

I think that Eidolon are growing bigger as a band with every new release. Do you agree with me? Do you see a long way in front of you and the band? Do you think that you have any limits as a band?

S: I agree with you!!!! If you listen to our records, you can see a natural evolution in our music and production. I see no limits to what we can do musically, but still staying within the realm of heavy metal.

What are the differences on the sound of  "Coma Nation" comparing the previous albums?  I must say that this album has an extremely good production! The sound especially on the guitars and on the drums is unbelievable!

S: Thank you!!! Glen just seems to get better as a producer and engineer with each record. This time, we talked about what we wanted for certain instruments, mainly my drum tone, which I have never been totally happy with. This time, I think we captured more of what we are looking for in terms of sound quality.

From where did you inspire the lyrics of the album this time? Do the facts of the 11th of September affect you in any way?

S: This time, I took a more humistic approach to certain songs,  where as previously most of the lyric's were totally horror-based and fictional. The song A DAY OF INFAMY,  for instance, ,I wrote in 10 minutes after the events of Sept.11. I made myself wait a week or so, because at the time I was so confused and pissed off, I didnít want to write anything I may regret over time. The song is not totally based on that - I put my own twist on it, but you can tell basically that it is taken from these events.

Tell me what's the idea behind the album title "Coma Nation"

S: It's just something I thought of 1 day. I told the guys in the band about my idea and they really thought it was cool, so we went with it. its really that simple.

Do you know that your name is coming from a Greek word? Who's idea been to call the band Eidolon?

S: I have heard this, but I found the name in a book, and the meaning here is a ghost or a shadow. I was totally unaware that it has a different meaning in Greece.  That is cool, though.

In your new album, there are many speed and thrash elements. Was your choice to make heavier your sound?

S: Not really. We just write what we feel at the time, we don't make out to write a certain way. I just make a bunch of guitar riffs and put them on tape. Over time, we form songs with my and Glen's riff tapes.

The new singer Pat has a very good voice. Do you think that he also helped the band, so that the result of the recordings would be different without him?

S: Actually, the record was recorded as we were looking for a new singer, so Pat had to fit the music before we could make him our new singer.  I think he fits in very well with the band.

Are you going to tour, so to promote the new album? Are there any plans of coming here in Greece and play? I hope this time that you can manage to come.

S: Right now, we are planning on playing some shows in Canada, but other than that, we have to wait until the record is released in Europe before we can talk to metal blade about a possible tour of festival shows. If the record sells well, I think our chances are good to see us again in Europe!!!

My favorites songs of your new album are "Coma Nation", "Nemesis" (also a Greek word) and "Scarred". What are your favorites songs of the albums and why? Do you believe that this is your best album (till now!)? (Everybody tells that the new album that he has released is the best.)

S: Of course, when a band is about to release their newest record they say it is their best, but in our case, it is so obvious that it is true!!!!!  In every way, this record is taken a step forward.  Right now, I really donít have a total favorite song on the record - I really like them all. WITHIN THE GATES is surely 1 of my favorites.

And now we go on with the "Weird Questions"!!!. If your wife were selling your half album-collection just to buy for her a good and expensive ring how would you react?

S: First I would cry, then I would freak out, then I would calm down and go to outback steakhouse and drink a lot!!!!!

What's your favorite cartoon hero? And why?

S: I like spider-man. I used to watch all of spider-man's cartoons for years when I was a kid.  Anybody who can spin webs and fly through the sky is pretty cool to me!!!!!!

Thank you again for your time my friend! If there is anything else that you would like to tell to your fans, just do it!

S: We hope you enjoy our new record - COMA NATION - it will surely melt your face!!!!!!!

Shawn - Eidolon.

by Thanos (Mc)