Dead Soul Tribe is a new band that Devon Graves (ex-Psychotic Waltz) has formed. They have released their first album, which is full of "weird" and progressive music. See below what Devon the leader of the band told us.
Well you released recently an excellent and "weird" album. We liked it very much, as you can see from the review of the album. First of all introduce us the band.

D: Adel Moustafa, Drums- Roland Ivenz, Bass-Volker Wilstchko, Rhythm Guitar - and myself.

Can you tell us any remarkable or funny fact that happened during the recordings of the album?

D: Not really. Apart from recording Adel, I made this record completely alone. There is not a lot of comic possibilities, other than some of the takes that never made the album.

What is that special that has this band, and makes it so different from the other bands?

D: That is something for you and everyone else to decide for themselves. I know there is something special, but if I have to explain it, how special can it be to you? (Interviewers note: I agree totally with Devon)

 I like also very much the strange artwork. Who made the artwork of the album?

D: A ling-time friend named Travis Smith. He's becoming quite successful. He did covers for Nevermore, King Diamond (Abigail II) and Psychotic Waltz among others.

Can you tell us how did you get your name? Who's idea been?

D: My parents gave it to me. I think it was my momís idea. (Interviewers note: Well after that answer Devon told me that he was just joking. The real story is the following: I just thought the name up with no pre conceived meaning. I SMSed it to Volker, and he SMSed back "That's it!!")

Is this a full-time band or just a project?

D: This is my band for life.

Are there any plans for a tour, or are you just only a studio-band?

D: Just the opposite of a studio band. I make the albums virtually alone. Aside from Adelís drumming, I play all the instruments myself for the recordings. Dead Soul Tribe-the four of us-is essentially a live band. We are planning a small Europe tour toward the end of June.

When did you decide to deal with metal music and with singing?

D: I began playing guitar when I was 12. I tried singing off-and-on from the beginning. I would always get frustrated and quit singing until I was 16-when I joined my first band- The Black. It was a power trio in which I sang out of default. We played exclusively Hendrix, Sabbath, and my songs. I guess I decided to go with what you call Metal when I first heard Led Zeppelin at the age of 12 (before then, I started out by learning Buddy Holly songs by ear).

Who are your favorite singers and.. from whom you have been influenced most?

D: At first Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio, and Ozzy Osbourne. I also love Jimi Hendrix's singing. Then Ian Anderson, Ian Gillan, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Later (during PW I really got into Perry Ferrell (Janes Addiction), Bob Marley, and H.R. (Badbrains) I really like Chris Cornell. Now I like Manson and I really love Maynard James Keenan. I think overall I got alot of influence from Tori Amos.

The fact that you changed your name has anything to do with you wanting to be released by what you did in the past? Does this impose a new start for you?

D: In a way.

Did you feel any pressure when writing the new songs, thinking that you had to satisfy the Waltz's fans that had great expectations from you?

D: Of course.

I think that DST created a really unique sound. So, how would you describe your sound to someone who hadn't heard anything from you in the past?

D: Like a modern version of an old school Hard Rock group. I consider myself a modern-day Bluesman.

And now we go on with the "Weird Questions"!!!. If your wife were selling your half album-collection just to buy for her a good and expensive ring how would you react?

D: Before I answer you I must tell you that my wife is the least materialistic woman I have ever known, and has no interest in things like expensive rings and stuff like that. To answer you though, I would give her a great big hug and kiss for being able to get so much money for so few records. We would go and buy the ring, then I would ask her to sell the other half, and that way, theoretically, we could go and buy an even bigger record collection than I had before.

What's your favorite cartoon hero? And why?

D: Eric Cartman. Because he has the super-power to make me laugh.

Well thx a lot Devon. Add anything you want for the end. I hope the best for you and DST. Take care my friend.

D: M'kay.

by Thanos (Mc)