Mike Amott the guitarist and composer of Arch Enemy, talks about the new release “Wages Of Sin”, and about the new singer Angela, explaining why this album was firstly released in Japan a year ago and now is being re-released.
1. First of all, I heard your latest album, which I think is a really heavy and cool one and I liked it very much. Tell me why the album “Wages of Sin” was released only in Japan last year and after almost a year is going to be released in Europe and the U.S?

M: Business problems… We would obviously liked to have the album out sooner here…but that’s not the way things panned out and we just have to deal with the situation we have… Basically, we are just happy to have the album coming out now! I’m still extremely proud of our work on “Wages Of Sin” – can’t wait to tour for this record and play this stuff live!

2. Which version of the album do you prefer? What are the differences between the 2 versions of Wages of Sin?

M: I like both versions… “Wages Of Sin” will be released by Century Media Records as 2-CD version for the regular price of one album on March 18th in Europe in first edition. CD number one includes the full “W.O.S.” record featuring new vocalist Angela with the following tracklisting:  

1.Enemy Within
2. Burning Angel 
3.Heart Of Darkness 
5.Savage Messiah 
6.Dead Bury Their Dead 
7.Web Of Lies 
8.The First Deadly Sin 
9.Behind The Smile 
10.Snow Bound 
11.Shadows And Dust 
As well as: 
12.Lament Of A Mortal Soul (Exclusive, unreleased bonus track) 
13. Ravenous (Enhanced Video Clip) 
The exclusive second CD of the release features our original singer Johan Liiva on the following tracklisting:
1. Starbreaker (Previously unreleased Judas Priest cover) 
2.Aces High (Iron Maiden cover, previously only available on a Japanese tribute album) 
3.Scream Of Anger (Europe cover, previously only available as Japanese bonus track) 
4.Diva Satanica (Previously only available as Japanese bonus track) 
5.Fields of Desolation '99 (Previously only available as Japanese bonus track) 
6. Damnations Way (Previously only available as Japanese bonus track) 
7.Hydra (Previously only available as Japanese bonus track) 
8.The Immortal (Enhanced Video Clip) 

3. Why Johan Liiva left the band? And how did your fans face that fact? Do you think that this was the best that could happen for Arch Enemy?

M: Yeah, it was very cool… The fan support was amazing! Changing singer has been a very positive thing in many ways. The reasons for Johan leaving us were many… He is a very nice guy and we remain friends with him.

4. Can you tell me more about your new Singer Angela? Why did you come up with a female singer? Do you think that this is something that your fans will approve? I think that’s a little bit unusual for A Death Metal band to have a frontwoman!

M: Yeah, I think it is really different for a band like us to have a female singer – that’s cool though. Our fans have been extremely supportive of our decision to change singer.

5. How would you describe your guitar playing between, Spiritual Beggars and Arch Enemy? In which of the two you feel “more yourself” and you express your feelings in the best way?

M: I am able to express my self perfectly in both bands – otherwise I wouldn’t do it… I think you can hear my distinct style of playing in both bands.

6. What kind of music do you listen on you free time? Do you prefer something else except Metal?

M: I listen to a lot of different music…too much stuff to mention… I am buying music all the time. I listen to metal, but I am not limited to this or any other style – I am just a music fan in general.  

7. And now we go on with the “Wired Questions”!!!…..If you were dating with a very beautiful woman and you knew that she hates extreme music and you were on a loft at evening with a beautiful view …which 5 songs would you choose to play to make her feel comfortable, to break the ice…and why?

M: a) Death – Left To Die

b)Slayer – Altar Of Sacrifice

c)Suffocation – Jesus Wept

d)Carcass – Reek Of Putrefaction

e)Repulsion – Eaten Alive

BECAUSE they are all wonderful LOVE songs…and besides, if she doesn't dig my music - she can get the fuck out, ha-ha!

8. If there was a new law that obligates EVERYBODY on Earth to give all their records,albums and
cds for recycling, which 3 albums would choose to keep if your were allowed, or if you weren't,
which 3 will our risk to hide(even if there's was a danger to put you in jail)? And why?

M: a)Carcass – “Heartwork”

b)Spiritual Beggars – “Ad Astra”

c)Arch Enemy – “Wages Of Sin”

Why? So that I could show them to hot chicks and prove that I am a very creative and sensitive guy!

9. If you knew that there was only one day left before a comet crashes unto Earth and destroy
everything, what would you choose to do, that you haven't done yet, but you wish to?

M: I’d kill a few people that deserve it.

10. I wish you the best for that album. The last words of this interview belong to you.

M: Thanks for the support – stay cool…

by Thanos & Kyriaki