In this page we will present some funny answers that well-known musicians have gave to our "Weird" questions. We hope that you will enjoy!


We asked: 
Imagine that your wife is selling your whole album-collection just to buy for her an expensive, good ring or a designer dress. How would you react?

The Answers...

Tony Harnell (TNT, Westworld): Badly!! I wouldn’t marry someone who would do that in the first place. Materialism turns me off!!  

William J. Tsamis (Warlord): Well, my wife would never do that so it is purely hypothetical.  I'm really not that materialistic.  I have lost an entire album collection once or twice before.  My CDs aren't organized or anything; they're all over the place.  I don't really care . . . it's not that important to me.  If I have a guitar and a Bible, that's all I need.  


Jeff Shirilla (Adbullah): I’d cut her head off. Luckily, she’s the sweetest, most supportive girl in the world so it’d never come to that gory conclusion.

Anders Rydholm (Grand Illusion): I wouldn’t be surprised because she “loves” everything that glitters but I probably would have to divorce her. Music is everything to me and it’s important to share the best things in life with your partner. If she can’t respect that then there’s no ground for a marriage. My wife loves gold and jewels but she also loves music so I am positive that your scenario above never would happen. But I once dated a girl that tried to decide on what days I could write music. She’s no longer on my dating list.

Jeff Waters (Annihilator): I would ask her why she just didn’t use our credit card! Then I would sell her other ring to get my cd's back! HAHA!

Sami Lopakka (Sentenced): I would burn the dress (and more laughs)

Rikki Rockett (Poison): Is that what she did with the money? Why didn't you tell me?

Mark (Crystal Ball): I would kill her ha,ha...! No, seriously, I never will get married, that's for sure! But if a girlfriend would do this I would put this fucking ring in her ass!

Devon Graves (Dead Soul Tribe): Before I answer you I must tell you that my wife is the least materialistic woman I have ever known, and has no interest in things like expensive rings and stuff like that. To answer you though, I would give her a great big hug and kiss for being able to get so much money for so few records. We would go and buy the ring, then I would ask her to sell the other half, and that way, theoretically, we could go and buy an even bigger record collection than I had before.

Shawn Drover (Eidolon): First I would cry, then I would freak out, then I would calm down and go to outback steakhouse and drink a lot!!!!!

Daniel Zimermann (Gamma Ray / Freedom Call): My wife would never do that.

Roger Scott Creg (Harlan Cage / 101 South): Well it wouldn't bother me one bit. I don't really have much of a record collection anyway so it would be no big deal! Plus I would enjoy seeing her in a new designer dress.

Marcel Jacob (Talisman / Hummanimal): I would sell hers, go to the bars and buy drinks for all the good-looking girls I could find.

Ville Vänni (Insomnium): Respecting, trusting and understanding your companion in the very basics of any relationship, and all those things would be violated in the given situation. That would inevitably mean a quick and unnegotiable ending for that relationship. I’d pack my guitar and clothes without a word and head for the door…

Rudi (Myriads): I don’t know. Maybe I just would have sold her. As long as we not are talking about my drum kit, because then I really wouldn’t know!!

Carmelo (Novembre): No wives here. But, if it will ever happen... better not react or it would end in blood and years of jail!

Kristoffer Gildenlφw (Pain Of  Salvation): I'd sell her collection, as it's far more valuable.

H. B. (Token): I would sell all her clothes including the expensive ring to buy back the half album-collection and even increase the collection with new albums.

Andy Winter (Winds): That question is very good…(he laughs!). Well first of all I don’t really have many albums (he still laughs!), and if you sell them you won’t become rich. But my wife wouldn’t do that anyway (he laughs again!)

Gus G. (Dream Evil / Firewind): I would break up with her! I don’t like things like that! I would say to her: I’ll kill you fuckin’ bitch!

A great thx to all the musicians for their patient and their humor!
by Thanos, Kyriaki & Alex.